Investing in UK property for income


In Großbritannien für Einkommen investieren


The UK has many advantages for property investment, the main one being the English language, which many of the world's population speak or understand.  So, many clients from all over the world decide that the UK is the best investment country for them.


We are here to guide and advise you as best possible. You can speak to us and get the answers you need to suit your own financial situation and R.O.I.


We have identified the best possible markets at this present time. Student accommodation, Residential properties and commercial properties.


There is a big demand for Student accommodation in the major University cities. Students need to arrange their accommodation a year or more in advance, to try and match the course duration at their university.


Already students are reserving accommodation for the September 2021 & 2022 academic years. So, for an investor, returns of 6 - 8 % ROI can be guaranteed over 3 or more years.


Because of this student demand for good modern accommodation, developers are building to suit the market requirement.


We work exclusively with one of the major UK developers of investment property, to ensure best practice, your best interests and guaranteed returns on your investment for 3 - 5 years.


We can offer over 6 new Student investment projects in most major UK cities, from the West of England to the North. 


Property Investment from £59,995


City of Liverpool - 100 mtrs from the University.  Photos opposite...............................................

  • LIMITED TIME OFFER - 5% Interest on Deposits during construction
  • 8% NET Return
  • £31,980 return in 5 years
  • 5 years rental assurance by proven managing agent
  • Properties valued 13% Below Market Value
  • Proven developer with 16 years experience
  • 250 year leasehold
  • Mortgagable properties available sized 30m2
  • Limited number of parking spaces available

Call, email or make an appointment, to discuss the various investment development projects.


UK Property for Investment,

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